UbiBot Distribution Benelux

UbiBot Distribution Benelux

Distributor Benelux for UbiBot products (Dalian Cloud Force Technologies CO., LTD)  
UbiBot IoT data loggers for Temperature, Humidity, Luminance and Vibration (G)

On 15 July 2020, PIMZOS.COM will sell UbiBot's products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. (Benelux). The brand name UbiBot is a trademark of Dalian Cloud Force Technologies CO., LTD China.

The UbiBot range includes dataloggers for environmental variables, such as temperature, air humidity, Ambient Lighting (Lux) and Vibration (G).

These loggers are characterized by the fact that they store measurement data via WiFi or 2G/3G/4G directly in the Cloud and that the customer can do and read almost anything in the Cloud. Alarms for values that are too high or too low can be sent via email, SMS, etc and the loggers work together with services such as IFTT, Google Home and Alexa.
Getting started is simple: download the Ubibot App, scan 3D code and register the logger with the free Cloud service. Each device gets 200 Mb of free storage

For the complete range of products, please visit https://www.pimzos.com/nl/brands/ubibot/

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