RS485 Splitter en Extender

RS485 Splitter en Extender

The SW485 makes it possible to connect up to 9 pcs RS485 signals in star-shape

The SW485 is a clever device for the interconnection of the RS485 signals. The SW485 can be connected up to 9 pcs RS485 signals in star topology. All lines are equal. When the data is received by a line, they are sent to all other lines.

Where you can use the AW485 for:
connect RS485 signals in a star topology.
make a good connection of multiple devices via RS485.
Interconnection of complete RS485 networks.
Signal edge enhancement for greater distances.

Signal transfer with minimal delay - only 130 ns.
Maximum communication speed of RS485 lines: 1.5 Mbps
Ability to configure the switching delay for automatic change of the direction of data flow (7 microseconds to 1.9 ms in different steps)

The user can use terminators and bias resistors, to define the rest position of the line. These resistors can be connected separately for each individual line.
Mountable on a wall or DIN rail 35 mm.
Supply voltage 7-30 V DC.

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