UBIBOT Environmental Cloud Data Loggers

UBIBOT Environmental Cloud Data Loggers

UBIBOT Environmental Cloud Data Loggers. Buy at PIMZOS.COM

Looking for UBIBOT Environmental Cloud Data Loggers ? Buy at PIMZOS.COM.
See the full product line here : https://www.pimzos.com/en/brands/ubibot/
Per 15 July 2020 PIMZOS is distributor of the entire range of UBIBOT Cloud Dataloggers. The UBIBOT loggers connect to your own Wifi Network. These devices measure 1) Temperature, 2) Air Moisture, 3) Luminosity and 4) Vibration (G) depending on the chosen model. This information is stored in the internal memory. The information is transmitted via WiFi to the UBIBOT Cloud platform. You can view your data online worldwide via PC, Phone, Tablet, etc. You can set alarms if one of the measurements is too high or too low and you will receive real-time notifications. This box is not waterproof and must remain dry. We have waterproof pouches for semi-wet use. One external sensor can be connected (sold separately). The Cloud is free (200Mb) enough for 2 years of data at default settings.  

We sell the loggers separately in retail packaging, but also as a composite article as a greenhouse bundle and in Bulk packs without packaging. Take a look at these products and ask for a quote, or buy directly online.

All UbiBot Cloud loggers connect to UbiBot's Big Data IoT Platform. Once the data is in this platform, you can do virtually anything with it !



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