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Dataloggers for Pulse / Event / Status

Data loggers for measuring pulses, status and events

This product line includes pulse, event and state data loggers. Pulse data loggers are designed to capture events at very fast sample rates. They can be used with many external transducers, meters, and sensors for stand-alone data logging and features user-defined Engineering Units.

Event data loggers are perfect for recording time and date stamped event data. They can be used with external switches, relays, and other voltage sources.

State data loggers are an ideal solution for monitoring and recording run-time, ON/OFF, status change and event duration data. They are available in single, 4-channel and 8-channel models.

Microedge Site-Log LPSE-1 Pulse-State-Event
Madgetech Event101A Data Logger
Madgetech State101A Data Logger