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Microedge PRECISE-LOG PL-TW- Thermocouple
 FUTEK IAA300 - Voltage Output
FUTEK IAA300 - Voltage Output
€1.500,00 €1.350,00
(€1.633,50 Incl. tax)
Papouch Papago TH 2DI DO ETH
Microedge SHT11 RH & Temperature Sensor Probe
Microedge ASL RS232-1 Datalogger Interface Cable
Microedge DSS-2 Site USB Device Server
Microedge Site-Log LPC Current DC (Programmable Range)
Outside Pt100 temperature sensor
PT1000 / 4-wire
PT100 / 4-wire
Microedge Site-Log LFM Voltage & Current (Fixed Range)
Microedge Site-Log LFV Voltage (Fixed Range)
Microedge Site-Log LPSE-1 Pulse-State-Event
Microedge Site-Log LPTH-1 Thermistor
Microedge Site-Log LPTM-1 Thermocouple (Programmable)
Microedge Site-Log LPV-1 Voltage (Programmable Range)
Microedge PRECISE-LOG PL-HW Thermistor
Microedge PRECISE-LOG PL-CW Current
Microedge PRECISE LOG-PL-VW Voltage
Microedge SSV 1 SiteView Software
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