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Custom build temperature sensors

We supply temperature sensors and make them customised to your application.
Manufacturing in Europe, according to strict standards.
Sensors according almost all measuring principles, such as Pt100, Pt1000, thermocouple, NTC, PTC, and many others.
Our sensors are ordered in larger and smaller quantities, by customers throughout Europe, in order sizes from a small box to pallet shipments.

We make the same sensor for years for the same customers, custom build. Loyal customers that stay with us, since price and quality is excellent. Customer examples are special machine builders, packaging industry, furnace construction, and industries like food, process, petrochemical, etc.

We have a small number of standard products, but 99% of the temperature sensors that we supply is made custom.

If you want a quote from us, please send an email with your requirements. Please mention quantities, specifications, description or sketch of your new sensor. Always mention the measuring principle, dimensions, desired output signal, minimum and maximum temperature range on the measuring side, and the same for the rear of the sensor and cable. If there are specific requirements like IP degree, applied pressure greater than atmospheric, special wetted parts, let us know.

If you want a quote for an existing sensor, we expect all the data from the current sensor, specifications, quantities and the price you pay at the moment. Then we can study feasibility in advance, whether we can be more competitive or not, before we invest engineering time. If you want to switch manufacturer, not for price, but because of quality problem, then clearly indicate the problem you have with the current sensor.

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