Querx PT1000 Set

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    Ethernet thermometer and data logger with alert functionality

    Querx PT1000 is a small sized network thermometer for measuring, recording and monitoring temperature data over Ethernet. Modbus/TCP and SNMP allow to transmit the collected data to network management and industrial process monitoring systems (SCADA). Furthermore, the data can be exported to the Internet-of-Things clouds ThingSpeak and Xively is hence world wide accessible. With the application programming interfaces provided by the cloud services, it is easy to integrate Querx PT1000 into own projects. If the device measures critical values, alerts are sent out over email, SNMP trap and syslog message.

    Any Pt1000 probes – Many fields of application

    Pt100-AnschlussQuerx PT1000 can be used with any 2-, 3- or 4-wire Pt1000 temperature sensor. So the device is suitable for countless use cases, depending on the used sensor. In combination with a screw-in-probe, you can for example measure the temperature within pipelines. Food-safe probes allow monitoring of refrigeration units. A multitude of vendors offer a wide choice of sensors fitting into your particular use case.

    Alert functionality

    If configurable conditions are met, Querx PT1000 triggers alerts. SNMP traps and syslog inform network management systems, the StartTLS email interface sends notifications to up to 4 recipients. Besides on exceeding temperature limits, Querx PT1000 can trigger alarms if temperature rises or drops too fast.

    Data logger

    Querx PT1000 records maximum, minimum and average values of at least 51 days in a one minute interval. The values are depicted in a convenient web interface and can be embedded into other websites using Iframes.

    Manifold interfaces for data access

    Besides the web interface, over which you can access the recorded data as interactive chart and export it as CSV and XML, Querx PT1000 provides many interfaces for requesting currently measured and recorded data.

    SNMP allows integration into IT monitoring systems
    Modbus/TCP allows integration into industrial process managament systems (SCADA)
    Cloud interfaces allow worldwide data access over web and application
    The HTTP interfaces (XML, CSV and JSON) allows easy integration of current and recorded data into own projects
    Extensive documentation and application focused support

    The user manual provides detailed information on configuration, operation and data access. On the product website you can find many step-by-step tutorials on how to use Querx PT1000 in specific use cases, most of them being a by-product of our product support and made in cooperation with our customers.

    DAkkS calibration certificates available

    For applications in the area of quality management it is possible to ship the sensor with an additional DAkkS calibration certificate. That is, in cooperation with our accredited partner laboratory, the sensor is put into relation to the German national measurement standard.

    Example applications

    Food hygiene (Cold storage, freezers and fridges)
    Laboratories and pharmacies
    Industrial process monitoring
    Home automation
    Green houses and market gardens

    Support for any 2-, 3- and 4-wire Pt1000 temperature sensors
    Measurement range: sensor dependent, -200 °C to 750 °C (-328 °F bis 1382 °F)
    10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
    Battery backed real-time clock
    Power supply over Micro-USB
    Housing dimensions: 56.3 mm x 40 mm x 21 mm plus 340 mm sensing cable (2.2 in x 1.6 in x 0.8 in plus 13.8 in sensing cable)

    Automatic network configuration via DHCP, mDNS and Bonjour
    Easy configuration over web interface
    Data logger, internal data storage for min. 51 days
    Clear graphical depiction of temperature and humidity gradiation
    Data export in CSV and XML format
    Access to measurements via SNMP, Modbus/TCP and HTTP
    Worldwide data access and programming interfaces over cloud
    Android and iOS App
    Alarms via email (TLS/StartTLS), SNMP trap and syslog


    Querx PT1000 Set
    Querx PT1000 Set
    Querx PT1000 Set
    € 180,-
    Excl. btw
    Querx PT1000 Set
    Querx PT1000 Set
    We versturen binnen : 4-6 werkdagen
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