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Montage Kits (12)

Montage kits voor uw dataloggers
Madgetech AKZ1550/2-3.81-GRUN
Multiconnector 2p 3.81mm green cUL 9A / 160V 1,5mm²
Mini Plug Connector for M...
Madgetech DLS1000
Versatile stand for use with the HiTemp140, PR140 & 1000 series of data loggers.
Madgetech Key Ring End Cap
This is an optional "Key Ring" end cap for use with the PR140, RHTemp1000 or HiTemp140 series data l...
316 stainless steel, 1/8 in NPT to Female luer lock adapter.
Madgetech MagMount-1
Magnetic Holder for use with the PR140, HiTemp140 Series and 1000 Series Data Loggers.
Madgetech MultiMount-Z Data Logger Stand
Veelzijdige mount of staan ​​voor gebruik met de HiTemp140 serie dataloggers.
Magnetic mounting kit for the Shock101-EB, UltraShock-EB, and TSR101-EB.
Magnetic mounting kit for the Shock101, UltraShock, and TSR101.
Madgetech Waterbox101A
Weatherproof Enclosure for use with 101A Series Data Loggers.
Madgetech WM-100
Wall mount for the Therm-A-lert, Therm-A-lert-RH or Therm-A-lert-P data loggers.
Madgetech WM-300
The WM-300 is a wall-mounting station that is built for use with the Cryo-Temp, LyoTemp, TransiTempI...
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