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Sensoren voor Madgetech Dataloggers (6)

Diverse sensoren voor gebruik met dataloggers van Madgetech
Madgetech M12 CIP Probe
100 Ω platinum RTD probe with clean-in-place (CIP) design and M12 connector.
Madgetech M12 Depyrogenation Probe
36″ High Temperature, Dry Heat, Flexible Probe with M12 connector.
Madgetech MicroDisc
Surface temperature probe attachment designed to be used with the MadgeTech HiTemp140-FP and LyoTemp...
Madgetech pH1
General Purpose pH probe for use with the pHTemp101. Features standard BNC connector. Clear, epoxy-b...
Madgetech RTD-6-1/8-1/2NPT-M12 Probe
100 Ω platinum RTD probe with NPT mounting thread and M12 connector.
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