AWS200 - SENSIT Test and Measurement Software License

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      SENSIT Test and Measurement Version for IDA100, IHH500, IPM650, USBxxx. Compatible w/ Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.... Toon meer
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      SENSIT Test & Measurement Suite

      FUTEK Believes That your test and measurement platform is morethan Merely a sensor plus an instrument. A platform shouldering ook include the softwarethat collects, graphs and interprets your data. Therefore, FUTEK overdeveloped a softwarethat does just that. Allow us to introduce SENSIT Test and Measurement - a software suite That Expands the capabilities of a traditional sensor platform into an ultimate test measurement solution.

      How SENSIT works with our USB Technology
      The SENSIT software is designed to display and record measurements made by USB Sensors. At its core, the software is incredibly simple and efficient. Users can take advantage of basic features zoals the display mode, where the sensors peak / valley is shown, or utilize more advanced functions for data logging and graphing. Entirely programmed by FUTEK engineers, this software Integrates seamlessly with all USB Sensors.

      Simple Display
      Designed with you in mind, SENSIT's navigation system is very intuitive. The layout displays four tabulated sheets separating the core functions of the program. A fixed number of options are available so each user can define the viewer environment by Their requirements.

      Data Logging
      You can easily utilize the SENSIT software to measure and track your tests with the data logging feature. Users can set up Their tests and record all of the data taking place with the USB Software. A convenient export to excel option is ook beschikbaar making this feature very powerful.

      Math f (x)
      Need to run a few calculations? Take advantage of the built in calculator tool for Involved permutations. This tool is very valuable in Avoiding miscalculations.

      Live Graphing Mode
      One of the great features of SENSIT is its ability to perform live graphing. Operating simultaneously with the data logging feature, the feature graph serves as a great data visualization tool, giving you an image of your measurements as data is being recorded.

      Fundamental Operations
      From tracking the peak and valleys to data logging over 1,000 samples per second, SENSIT software delivers a comprehensive solution. Core Features include:
      • Tracking Mode
      • Peak Fashion
      • Fashion Valley
      • Peak Reset
      • Valley Reset
      • Tare
      • Gross
      • Decimal Point Format
      • Unit Conversion
      • Sampling Rate
      • Averaging
      • Linearization
      • Shunt Verification
      • Display Refresh Rate
      • Sum Channel
      • Math Channel


      16 Channels
      With FUTEK's SENSIT software, you are editable to measure the activity of 16 different sensors in the same platform, record the data for each, or activate the display for the sensors you want to monitor. Regardless of the operation, you're in control.

      Right Click, Easy Menu
      SENSIT's display environment offers an easy "right click" shortcut-allowing users the option to Immediately access and change settings. Adjust your sampling rates, change your conversion units, or access the core functions with a simple click.

      Global Settings
      We love simple operations and the Global Settings function is just that. Suppose you create a unique test environment That You want to apply to all of the sensors That are operating. With one simple click the System Allows you to expand your sensors unique setting to all the channels.

      Compatible with LabVIEW
      Test & Measurement engineers Rely on a number of great software sources to perform Their daily operations. Knowing the Popularity of National Instruments LabVIEW software, you can take comfort That SENSIT is offered with a dynamic link library (DLL file) that's used to communicate with LabVIEW.

      User Requirement
      One license per seat

      Minimum Hardware Requirements:

      • 800MHz processor computer
      • x86 system memory requires 512MB
      • x64 system requires 1GB memory
      • 20GB hard disk drive space
      • 10GB available disk space
      • 800x600 screen resolution

      Minimum Software Requires:

      • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10
      • Microsoft Office Excel 2003
      • Microsoft .Net Framework 4 or higher
      • FTDI CDM Driver 2:08:02


      ASW200 - SENSIT Software - FSH03189
      ASW200 - SENSIT Software - FSH03189
      AWS200 - SENSIT Test and Measurement Software License
      € 500,-
      € 475,-
      Excl. btw
      AWS200 - SENSIT Test and Measurement Software License
      ASW200 - SENSIT Software - FSH03189
      Levertijd: 4-6 werkdagen
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