FAQ / Customer Service
1 General
1.1 I have question and I want and answer ASAP. How can I do that ?
Email contact is preferred, we are email junkies, our email response is fast and accurate.
Send an email to : [email protected] (or use the contact formular at the right).
You can also call : +31-(0)85-065 6325. For phone contact, please your understanding : Most of the time it is very busy and we move through the warehouse for order picking all the time.
1.2 Who are you and where are you located?
PIMZOS VOF is a technical trading company and deals in the B2B segment. Our customers are mostly tech-companies in the engineering sector, industrial end-users, resellers, integrators and installers in electrical engineering. We exist since its 2000. 
We have 2 locations :
Warehouse : Vijverweg 2, 7641 LH Wierden, The Netherlands
Accounting : Lange Dreef 54, 2285LA, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Attention: Pickup of goods only possible at warehouse location Wierden.
1.3 I need Help / Technical Support

It is important that you are satisfied with the product you have purchased. Do you need help with something? Just ask, we are happy to support. Send an email to: [email protected] and refer to your order number (see order confirmation, packing slip or invoice).

1.4 Returns / Defective Goods / RMA

I am not satisfied with my product or my product is not working. What should I do ?
Please read our RMA procedure.