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    1. Who we are
    PIMZOS VOF (Rijswijk, The Netherlands, Europe, CoC Haaglanden 27135643) is a B2B technical wholesaler and distributor of sensors and industrial electronics. On the basis of the applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, we act as the Data Controller when processing your personal data. We are therefore responsible for the use made of your personal data by us or on our behalf.

    2. Our commitment
    The concern for data privacy forms the basis of reliable business relationships between you and us. That is why we take your privacy very seriously during business activities on every channel of our web shops or in our branches.

    This Privacy Statement explains how we collect and process your personal data.
    We may update the statement from time to time and publish the new version on our website. 

    3. What information we process
    You provide us with some of your personal data when you communicate with us through our sales channels, for example when you provide your data to create a customer account with PIMZOS or when you contact us for a question. We obtain some data by registering how you use our websites or applications, for example using technologies such as cookies. We will only process relevant information from you to provide you with the products or services that you expect. You have control over which personal data we process. When you are asked to provide personal data, you can refuse. However, if you choose not to provide personal information that is necessary to provide a product or service, we may not be able to provide that product or service. Identification data: your first and last name, gender, your signature. Contact information: your business e-mail address, business mailing address, business telephone number and other similar contact information, such as delivery address. User account information: the date of creation of your account, your account number, user name, account passwords and security information that is used for verification and account access. Details of your agreement when entering into an agreement with us as a service provider / product provider or a customer: information required for our business relationship. Financial data: data that is required to process your payment when you make purchases, such as your bank account details or your credit card details. Credit card numbers, expiration date and the security code of your payment instrument are processed by our payment service providers. When you apply for credit, we collect your information to evaluate creditworthiness and credit thresholds at credit information agencies. Purchases: information about the quotes you request, the orders you place and purchases you make. When you have an account with us, we also keep track of your balance and any overdue payments. Location data: information about location for delivery purposes and the management of your contact details. Your interactions with us: the content of messages, emails, letters or phone calls to us, such as feedback and product reviews that you write, or questions and data you provide for customer support. When you contact us, telephone conversations can be listened to and recorded for the purpose of improving our relationship. Events / training: During events or training of PIMZOS, photos and videos can be made that can be used for promotional purposes. When participating in events or training you agree to this tacitly. If you do not agree with this, you can send an E-mail to [email protected]

    4. Why we use personal data
    We use your personal data to maintain our business relationship with you. This includes: Sales Improvement of our products and services, Marketing (newsletters, direct marketing, profiling), Customer loyalty purposes (cards, events, competitions), External communication, Compliance with legal obligations, Litigation, See the following sections for more information .

    4.1 Sales
    We use your personal data to perform essential business activities such as:
    Delivering our products and services: we use your personal data that we collect for your orders, delivery, invoicing and payment collection. Opening account and credit management: we use your personal data for your account and activation, your contract (s) management and for granting credit. Payment transactions: we share payment data with banks and other entities that process payment transactions or provide other financial services.
    After-sales service and take-back of products: we use your personal data from the activation of the product guarantee when ordering, receiving, registering and managing a customer claim and / or taking back a product, to processing the file. Customer support: We use your personal data to answer your questions and to track the sale of our products and services.

    4.2 Improvement of our products and services
    We use personal data to: Conduct surveys or ask for feedback about our products and services: we use your answers and contribute to them for quality control and improvement of our products and services. Analyze your use of our websites, apps and your response to our communication to improve the products and services we offer. To keep records of our activities and services, which may include communication that we have had or have had with you.

    4.3 Marketing
    We use personal data for: Newsletters: we can send you newsletters about our products and services. Custom content: we can use your personal data to offer you custom content and advertising. Customer loyalty purposes (cards, events, competitions): we can include you in our customer loyalty programs based on your account and grant you special benefits. If you do not agree to these marketing activities, you can still receive feedback requests, surveys, and other custom communication communications from us. You can revoke your consent to these marketing activities at any time or unsubscribe from receiving feedback requests and surveys through our website in your account, by replying to a marketing email or by using the contact details in the section “How you can exercise your rights” below.

    4.4 External communications
    We process your personal data to inform you about: New representation and products, Our events or innovative products and services, Our business strategy, our standards and values

    4.5 Compliance with our legal obligations
    we handle or parts if required your personal information with third parties under applicable law, including: Tax law, Accounting Legislation, Fraud Legislation, Credit risk mitigation legislation, Insurance Law, Staff legislation, Compliance with our legal obligations

    4.6 Disputes and litigation
    we handle your personal information to: Resolve potential or actual disputes, Defend our legal rights, Respond to legal proceedings, Respond to requests from a competent law enforcement agency, And more generally to protect our rights, our privacy, our security or our property to protect.

    4.7 Legal basis
    For each of these purposes, PIMZOS collects, uses and provides your personal data as long as there is a legal basis. Legal basis is for the following reasons: Because we need them to conclude an agreement with you or to take steps to enter into an agreement with you. For example: to deliver goods that you have ordered. We may also collect your data because you have asked us to take steps before you enter into an agreement with us, for example when you ask us for a quote. Because we need them to comply with legislation. In some cases we have to save your data, because we are legally obliged to do so. For example: to ensure general safety and security, for tax issues, the Dutch Tax Authorities, etc. Because you have agreed. For example: when you fill out paper or online forms and choose to provide us with your details. Because it is in our legitimate interest. For example: to prevent fraud, etc. When we process your data on that basis, we always ensure that we weigh our interest in the information against your rights and reasonable expectations. and our relationship with other parties
    Sharing yourWe will share your personal data if necessary with your consent for the purposes stated in the "Why we use it" section.

    5.1 Service providers
    When we share your personal data with service providers, these partner companies must comply with our data privacy and security requirements and may not use personal data they receive from us for any other purpose. These types of partner companies include providers of ERP software in which our accounting runs, Our logistics service provider and the associated warehouse and order picking systems, Office software, Webshop System, email provider, etc. PIMZOS processors have concluded agreements with these companies.

    5.2 Suppliers
    Information about your purchases can be provided to our business partners from whom you have purchased a product or service, such as for delivery purposes and product availability.

    5.3 Other companies
    We may share some personal information with other companies. These entities act on our behalf and we remain responsible for how they use your personal data for these purposes. In the event of a transfer outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland, we will ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect your personal data.

    5.4 Other recipients
    We may also provide your personal data to the following parties: Judicial authorities or regulatory authorities, Parties involved in legal proceedings, such as lawyers, prosecutors, defendants, etc. to defend or exercise our legal rights

    6. International general transfers of personal data
    In cases where we may be led to transfer your personal data to a location outside the Netherlands and the European Economic Area, we will implement all the procedures required to obtain the guarantees necessary to secure such transfers.

    7. Storing your data
    We keep your personal data for as long as necessary in accordance with the purposes of the processing. The Retention Period varies for different types of personal data, depending on: The business need to retain the personal data. The contractual and business requirements, Legal requirements (data protection, insurance, taxation, human resources), Rules and recommendations issued by Data Protection Authorities PIMZOS may store some personal data after the end of that period, for example to resolve any disputes and for ongoing or future legal proceedings, to keep records of our services and to otherwise comply with our legal obligations and to defend our legal rights.
    8. Security of your data
    We regularly evaluate the technical and organizational security measures that we have taken for our information and communication systems to adapt them to the risks for you and to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration of your personal data. You are responsible for keeping the password that you use to access our website confidential. We will not ask you for your password, unless you register on our website. We cannot be held liable for any damage that may result from accessing or using our website, including damage or viruses that can infect your computer equipment or other means. Although we have taken all measures to ensure the reliability of the information on our website, we cannot be held liable for errors, omissions, or results that may be obtained, transmitted, re-transmitted or collected through the use of such information. In particular, the use of hyperlinks during your visit to our website may lead you to other external websites for access to the information sought. We have no control over such servers and are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of third-party websites.

    9. Your Rights
    You can exercise all your rights as a Data Subject. You are entitled to: View. You have the right to know whether we store personal data about you. You can obtain a copy of the personal data that we hold about you, along with other information about how we process it; Rectification of incorrect personal data and, in some circumstances, to ask us to delete data or to limit our use of your personal data, or to object to our processing of your personal data for direct marketing or for reasons related to it with your specific situation; Objection to the use of your personal data for certain purposes (eg marketing purposes); Constraint. You have the right to request us to limit our use of your personal data in certain circumstances, for example while we are investigating a complaint that the personal data we hold about you would be incorrect (subject to conditions); Removal of your personal data (under conditions); Data transferability. If applicable, you may have the right to receive a copy or have a copy sent to another company (in digital form) of personal data that you have provided to us; Withdrawal of a permission that you have given regarding the use of your personal data, and this at any time. This includes permissions for receiving direct marketing communications (see the "Why We Use Them" section, "Marketing" section).

    10. Cookies and security
    A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. It is specially designed to collect information about your navigation on the website and to send you personalized services. Cookies are managed on your computer by your internet browser. We use cookies to help you navigate our website efficiently and to perform certain functions, including website traffic analysis. Cookies can also recognize you when you log in again and offer you content that is tailored to your preferences and interests. Some cookies may collect personal information, including information that you provide, such as your username, or may follow you to deliver more relevant advertising content. Like most websites, this website uses cookies that can be classified into the following categories: Strictly necessary cookies: these are cookies that are essential for our website to function correctly. Functional cookies: these cookies are used to improve and simplify your user experience. For example, they can register information about previous choices that you have made or remember your password. Analytical and performance cookies: these are used for internal purposes to help us provide you with a better user experience, for example to evaluate the performance of a website or to test various design ideas for the website. We often work with external research agencies to perform these services for us, so these cookies can be placed by a third party. Targeted and advertising cookies: these cookies are used to provide you with relevant and customized content (including advertising content), and also to evaluate the effectiveness of that content. This content can be delivered on our websites or on a third-party website. We often work with third parties to deliver this content, so some of these cookies may be placed by a third party.

    We take security measures to limit abuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. In particular, we take the following measures: We use secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) that protect all information between you and our website when you enter personal data. It is possible at any time to change the setting that applies to change cookies. By adjusting the parameters of your internet browser (click on the “help” button of your browser to see how this should be done), you can be warned before cookies are accepted or simply refused, but in the latter case you must realize that you may not have access to certain functions of our website.

    Third-party websites
    This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites that are linked to our web store through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a reliable or safe manner. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of these websites before using these websites.

    11. How you can exercise your rights
    Access and change of your data, For questions about our privacy policy or questions about access to and changes to (or deletion of) your personal data, you can contact us at any time via the data below. You can also send us a request to view, change or delete this data. You can also submit a request to request a data export for data that we use with your permission, or state with reasons that you want us to limit the processing of personal data. To prevent abuse, we can ask you to identify yourself adequately. To send us requests to exercise the above rights or for more information, you can use the general contact form on our website, or send an email to [email protected]

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