IP Power 9858MT-S

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    Aviosys IP Power 9858MT-S : The Professional One !

    Aviosys IP Power Switch 9858MT-S Ethernet Remote Power Switch with 4 Sockets

    IP9858MT provides remote manual control of the critical devices by clicking on a few buttons on the smart phone or computer webpage. Stop the problem device by cutting off the power to a specific outlet. By cycling the power off and restarting the device remotely, you save time and money by eliminating the need to send technicians to the root cause of the problem. Managers can monitor the total power usage information of PDU from the remote end through the Internet to fully understand the power consumption of all the devices. Set up overload event alerts and notify managers via Email and TRAP, allowing managers to respond to crises in the shortest possible time to minimize disasters. Provide central management software, which can manage a large number of PDUs' power, temperature and humidity information. The database stores the power consumption information of the power strip and provides the history curve chart for the manager's reference.


    • Support Cloud Connect : AWS IOT, GOOGLE Cloud IoT, Microsoft AZURE IOT.
    • Support Telnet/SSH.
    • HTTP API Command your IPPower through a friendly web interface, via a curl, from a command line, or from your own application via an HTTP get post API(CGI).
    • MQTT API Command your IPPower through MQTT bridge of a topic, via a publish and subscribe.
    • Wake ON LAN IPPower allows you to remotely wake up the network devices from shutdown via the Wake on LAN (WOL) service. you can enable IPPower to the WOL service and wake them up via the MAC address or the connection list. Before applying the WOL service, make sure the target device supports WOL.
    • Shutdown on LAN Since improper shutdowns may result in file system errors, IPPower provide a keep resident software on PC. IPPower allows you to remotely shutdown the network devices from pc on runing via the shutdown on LAN (SOL) service. You can enable IPPower to the SOL service and shutdown them via software and after delay timeout then turn off power.
    • PING Ping function provides 2 IP with with AND OR logic combination. When the specified IP does not respond to PING, IPPower will perform a user-defined power action. The action can be select outlet on/off/power-cycle, shutdown on LAN/wake on LAN and email notification.
    • Schedule Task Scheduler allows you to schedule and run actions at pre-defined time table. There are 30 time table which are selected from web calendar of everyday,week or once. When the time up IPPower perform a user-defined power action. The action can be select outlet on/off/power-cycle,shutdown on LAN/wake on LAN and email notification.
    • If enable rotation,each outlet will power cycle in sequece and repaeat at dedacated time. It can be operating on website directly or by scheduler
    • ippower support modbusTCP client, combine with SCADA tool for sysem integration
    • All the event will be wite on website and send to syslog host server.
    • User-definable power status on/off/last time
    • In M2M mode, if you control IPPower-A, the other IPPower-B will do the same job. It is easy to monitor the remote sites
    • Remote Control, if enable CNT function, please download Android and IOS APP and Nod-red software package to control and monitor



    • Dimension (L x W x H): 195 x 135 x 48mm
    • Metal case design
    • Power input 100-240VAC
    • Maximum current per outlet 10A
    • Maximum current total 4 outlets : 10A at 220VAC
    • Interface 4 LED indicator lights, HW Reset button
    • Operating temperature 0~50°C
    • Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet port

    See full descripton on manufacturer website


    IP Power 9858MT
    IP Power 9858MT

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    IP Power 9858MT-S
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    IP Power 9858MT-S
    IP Power 9858MT
    Product is op voorraad : We versturen direct !
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