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Papouch store s.r.o. - Czech

Papouch TH2E - V5.2 - Ethernet Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Papouch TCP2RTU-RS232 - MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU Converter
Papouch TME - Ethernet Thermometer
Papouch TCP2RTU RS485 - MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU Converter
Papouch GNOME232TTL - LAN to RS232 converter (TTL levels)
Papouch SB232 - USB to RS232 isolated converter
Papouch SW485 - Splitter / Extender or RS485
Papouch TM-RS232 Thermometer
Papouch SNS-TEMP-5m, Temperature Sensor, 5 meter cable
Papouch Wie232 - Wiegand converter to RS232
Papouch TME multi: Temperature and humidity via Ethernet
Papouch TMU - USB thermometer
Papouch SNS-THE-3M Temperature & Humidity Sensor, 3 meter cable
Papouch TX20ETH - Ethernet anemometer
Papouch TM Mikrotik
Papouch THT2 - RS485 Thermometer and hygrometer
Papouch SNS-THE-1M Temp & Humidity Sensor, 1 meter cable
Papouch GNOME232 - Ethernet to RS232 converter
Papouch TCP2RTU-RS422 - MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU Converter
Papouch CQ485 - RS485 / 422 repeater and isolator
Papouch TQS3 I - RS485 Interior thermometer
Papouch SNS-TEMP-20m, Temperature Sensor, 20 meter cable